Lab 8 – Prep for 0.3 and 0.4 Open Source Projects

Here’s the two projects I will work on for my 0.3 & 0.4

The Marquez Project issue is related to my release 0.2, which is a complicated. Here’s a reply from the developer,

Yeah, updating the return type of the mapper is slightly more involved than a simple class rename. The issue doesn’t go into the specifics, but you’d eventually run into complication errors once you renamed the class. We want to make sure any class using the mapper are also update along with your PR.

In the 0.3 release, I will keep communication with him and try to close this case.

For my 0.4, presto is one the projects I interested and mentioned in 0.1, about database and Java. I talked with it community through Slack, and asked a start-up issue in it. The owner replied me directly and shown me the one he think it may fit to me. I still need to take some to figure it out. By now, I had set up my working environment, which saved me some time.


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